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Will my dog be crated?

For their own safety dogs will be placed in a crate for a minimal amount of time before and after their groom.



What if my dog has fleas?
All dogs that  display signs of fleas will be flea washed, with control charges priced accordingly. We also have the right to refuse if they are badly infested.

If your dog has fleas and you DO NOT wish for your dog to have a flea bath, you will need to treat the infestation at home and re-book your appointment for a later date, when you have eradicated all the fleas from your dog. 


Flea treatment either in topical form or oral is available from the local vets

Can I stay with my dog?

No. Owners staying upsets the dogs and the dogs react differently when the owner stays.  Go and have a coffee or lunch do some shopping while we get your dog looking and smelling great. We promise to look after them like they were our own.

Its too hot up here should I shave my double coated dog???

NO!  Yes it is hot here but your dog’s double coat was designed to protect it and regulate its temperature to keep it warm or cool. However for it to work effectively the undercoat needs to be removed regularly to allow good airflow through the coat. Double coated dogs need regular brushing with a good brush.

A visit to your groomer on a regular basis at least once a month can greatly reduce and more effectively remove the dead undercoat and leave you with a lovely free flowing coat. See our de-shedding services. 

Should your dogs coat become badly matted often the only fix is a shave off. As this diagram shows, it's best to be avoided. Furthermore, shaving will not stop the shedding, the shedded hair will just be shorter. 

Just Before Your Grooming Appointment

It is best to avoid feeding your dog ahead of a grooming appointment. A full tummy whilst being groomed and bathed could be uncomfortable. If you must give your dog something, please keep it to a light snack. It is ok to give your dog water.


Before coming into your appointment please ensure your dog is walked, giving them time to go to the toilet and relieve themselves.


Anxious and nervous dogs flourish under good leadership.  If your dog is trembling or showing anxiety, the best thing a pack leader can do is ignore it. Picking up the dog, patting and praising only tells your dog this is the behaviour that should be displayed, because you are rewarding it. We recommend you bring your dog in on a leash. This will allow the dog to follow you into the shed or trailer on their terms. You will also require the leash and collar for when you collect the dog.

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